MTTPOKER league was formed in May 2009 after running the highly successful Paddy Power Charity Open. The event which was held in the Normandy hotel in Renfrew was attended by 1176 players over the 4 heats with the winner Fiona 'Oany' Craig gaining entry to the 2010 Paddy Power Irish Open. Fiona then went on to cash in the event for € 4,500 The event raised £15,000 for The Erskine Hospital a charity that provides care for war veterins. The event was the largest live poker event held in the UK at that time.

Created by players for players. MTTPOKER will always have players best interest in mind to focus and specialise in small stakes, social poker. 

MTTPOKER was created out of giving a regular, everyday, novice poker player the chance to compete in the biggest poker tournament around. This enabled them to win a huge sum of money without having to bare the cost of flights, accommodation or buyin to the event. 

MTTPOKER strives to allow players of all levels this opportunity. 


MTTP operate a pub poker league in which players play for points to gain entry into regional and national events. New players can register by filling in a registration form available here http://www.mttpoker.com/join/ or at any of our events. All venues are run by a TD (Tournament Director) who will be happy to assist you with registering for the league.

We are the only pub poker league in the UK who reinvest all proceeds back into the league with the sole aim of bringing people back to the pubs which help increase their trade on what would normally be a quiet night.

MTTPOKER charge our venues based on the number of players attending the nightly events. This allows players to play poker in their local pub for a small cost in using the equipment. In return we ask that players purchase a few drinks while playing poker. The money raised by MTTPOKER is then used to fund our Regional & National prizepools.


The league runs continuously throughout the year with three monthly qualifying periods. New venues can join at any point throughout the year or qualifying period.

Players play out nightly venues to acquire points over a three monthly period.  These points are entered onto the Master Leaderboard  At the end of the three monthly period players can qualify for the Regional Final based on the points they have scored. 

Qualifying for the Regional Finals enables players to then qualify for the National Finals.

The top performing player at a venue receives bonus chips at the Regional Finals. Bonus chips can only be awarded once per player. 

There are 4 Regional Finals each year, players compete amongst other players from other local venues to play for the coveted Regional Final Trophy. 

For more information please email us at info@mttpoker.com

The points structure and Master Leaderboard can be found here:

Points Structure / Master League Table


Venue Champions - All players qualify

All venue champions (VC) are entered into a VC leaderboard with all automatically qualifying for the Regional Final. This will be subject to change if the number of venues exceeds 10 or a new venue does not play a minimum of eight games.

If you finish a Venue Champion, 2nd or 3rd place in a venue in the respective qualification period, you will receive additional chips for that periods Regional Final.

  • Venue Champion will receive an additional 3k*
  • 2nd place will receive an additional 2k
  • 3rd place will receive an additional 1k

*In the situation where a player is VC of more than one venue then they will be deemed VC of the venue they have scored the most points at. Same applies to 2nd and 3rd place. I..e player X finishes VC of venue 1 and also 2nd place in venue 2 then they will be deemed VC of venue 1 but will receive no additional chips for finishing 2nd in venue 2.

The Venue Champions table can be found here:

Venue Champions Table

Average Scores - Top six players qualify

All players average score is automatically calculated based on the points received divided by their total games played. The top six average points scorers who have played ten games or more over the three monthly qualification period receive entry to the Regional Final. Players can sort the master league table to view by average points.

Points Total - Remaining players qualify

All players points over the three monthly period are added together on the leaderboard with only the top 20 games counting towards their overall total. The remaining places for the Regional Final will be filled in leaderboard order based on these points totals. The number of entrants from the leaderboard will be variant depending on the number of venue champions and top averages that qualify.

Players can only qualify once, after players have qualified their name will be removed from subsequent lists allowing the next available player to qualify.

Reserves are permitted to the Regional Finals in leaderboard order if all qualifying players do not attend. Reserves must have played ten games during the qualification period.

The master league table can be found here:

Master League Table


The TD's are a dedicated set of players who run the nightly games at individual venues. They are there to oversee the running of the game, enforce any rulings and make sure players are awarded the correct points.

As well as regular meetings throughout the year to discuss the league improvements and upcoming events, the TD's and Management get together to play private tournaments where we add special prizes to the games. 

Not only this but as a reward for being a regular TD, you automatically qualify for the Regional Finals. There are a few T&C that go along with this of course. Get in contact via our Facebook page or speak to a member of the Management team or a TD at your local venue for more information to how you can get involved.


Three monthly Regional Finals with a huge prize pool and trophy up for grabs.

The Regional Final prize pool consists of player buyins on the day with added money from the league.

Annual National Final with over a £3000+ prize pool and trophies/

Regional and National Final prizes are subject to change at any time,

Not only that but there are nightly bonuses at venues to be won (player funded).


MTTPOKER have sourced casino grade poker equipment to ensure our players gain the optimal enjoyment out of playing our events.

What we provide:

  • 100% plastic MTTP branded playing cards
  • Fold away 8 seated table tops with professional speed cloth and MTTP branding
  • Plastic poker playing chips
  • Custom cards with player name and ID with hand rankings
  • MTTPoker playing rules
  • Daily website updates for league scores


Reasons To Join

The main goal of MTTPOKER is to bring customers both new and old to your venue. The league is operated during the hours of 7.30pm to 11.30pm during the week and 1.30pm to 4.30pm at weekends*. This inevitably will increase your trade on what would otherwise be a quiet night/day. 

*Weekend times can be adjusted to suit the need of your venue and players.

It has been proven that having a successful poker night at your venue has a domino effect on the other nights you trade. Player who have not have attended your venue before, now have the chance to see your promotions that are on offer to customers. 

In Addition:

  • Pricing - In MTTPOKER's illustrious 10 years we have never increased the cost of the league for venues and have in fact, in that time, lowered the price
  • Marketing - MTTPOKER supply venues with empty belly posters, flyers and regular exposure on our social media platform and website
  • Free to join - There is no cost to join the league and you receive a two week free trial
  • Pay to Play - There is no minimum subscription each month, you only pay for the players that play that night
  • Pub Wars - MTTPoker run Pub Wars where to top 3 players at each venue represent that venue in this exciting event. Landlords will make up the 4th member in this team, this is your chance to get in on the action and mix it with your players.
  • Free Equipment - MTTPoker will own all equipment and will supply you with everything you need. Playing cards will be topped up for FREE, you only need to provide space to hold the equipment. Terms and Conditions apply. 

The equipment provided at the beginning is sufficient for 16-18 players. Before you begin it is advised to promote the poker night in house to gauge interest. Player can also, at this time, complete their registration forms. If your night becomes more popular then you will be provided with more equipment at no extra charge. Any additional paperwork required such as player registration forms, posters etc... will be given free of charge. 

If you have any questions or would like to join, please email info@mttpoker.com

Download our Information Pack for more information:

Icon Poker In Pubs Document (1.3 MB) Icon Advice Document from the Gambling Commission (60.2 KB)


From the 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) change.

This will affect how MTTP can keep in touch with you by Email, Post, Telephone and SMS.

After the 25th May you will need to sign a player information form at your local venue or MTTPOKER event. Alternatively, you can get in touch by email or phone to let us know you would like to be kept in contact about venue promotions and future events. You must Opt-In in order to receive any form of communication. If you leave any of the tick boxes blank we will not be able to contact you by these methods. Should you change your mind at any point you only need to get in contact.

Your data will not be shared with any third party companies. If your membership is not active after a 12 month period with this membership number your details will be anonymised.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team by email at info@mttpoker.com or give us a call on 07714265262


MTTPOKER encourage beginners to sit down and play poker. We will actively help players learn the game of poker and have sections within our Forum devoted to helping players improve their poker skills. We encourage players to discuss styles of play and poker hands to aid their learning process. Never be ashamed to ask questions, we are not professionals and are all learning the game at different speeds. Ask questions and people will be friendly enough to help you answer as best a possible. 

MTTPoker Downloads

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