MTTP poker league is run in accordance with the legislation set by the gambling commission and as such players are asked to ensure they do not breech current legislation. Venue TD’s will ensure that all MTTP bonuses remain within the legislation. Since 1st September 2007 pubs have been allowed to play for small stakes and prizes. The maximum of £5 per person maximum stake and £100 per venue maximum payout per day in a public house. A member’s only club allows a maximum of £10 per person maximum stake and £250 per venue maximum payout per day. Please note any player who contravenes this is putting the landlords’ license in jeopardy and risks sanctions up to and including being banned from the league. Pub management are ultimately responsible for all 'monies' on their premises. MTTPoker record all monies that change hands during our events and this information is viewable publicly on our venue results page. An example can be found here

Venues are not allowed to charge players or take a cut from the pot. For a full list of restrictions and procedures please visit the Gambling Commission Website. For advice on pub poker by the Gambling Commission and a quick guide for poker in pubs. Please see the downloads available on the About US Page


MTTP offer players the opportunity to stake and win small amounts of money at our nightly venues. Bonuses are run at the TD’s discretion as some venues may not operate the secret bounty or bounty chips. Bonus payouts will not exceed £100 per night in a public house & £250 per night in a member’s only club.

Players should always be supporting the venue as the pub / club are paying for the prizes given out by the league. Players who are not supporting the venue by purchasing drinks will not be allowed to participate in the bonuses.


Every venue will operate a PRIZE FUND. Each player has the option to put £1 (TD discretion) towards this. Only those who pay the pound on the night have the opportunity to win the money. Prize funds will be paid out on the evening. Should anyone finish in a winning position that has NOT paid into the prize fund the money will be paid out to the next highest finisher who HAS paid into the fund. Some venues may increase the PF value to between £2-£4 in place of running the Secret Bounty. This is done at the TD’s discretion.


Some venues will operate a QUADS bonus. Each player has the option to put £1 towards this. Only those who pay the pound on the night have the opportunity to win the money. The bonus will be paid out on any hand that is equivalent or higher to the card cut by the bar person at the beginning of the evening. The winning hand does not need to be played to showdown. Each Venue will operate this bonus and unclaimed monies will roll over to the following night in that venue. This will continue until the bonus is won. The bonus payout will not exceed the maximum allowable payout. i.e Prize Fund,Secret Bounty & Quads cannot exceed £100. Quads payout will be calculated as £100 - Prize Fund - Secret Bounty. Any money left over will be added to the following weeks Quads Bonus.

As of 14th July 2010 in multiple night venues the Quads pot will NOT roll between the evenings. This means there will be separate Quads bonuses for each evening within the same venue. These changes will take affect immediately in venues where no quads pot is rolling over or once the quads bonus returns to £0 in venues with a rollover.  


Some venues will operate a SECRET BOUNTY. Each player has the option to put £1 towards this. Only those who pay the pound on the night have the opportunity to win the money. The bonus will be paid out on the person who knocks out the secret bounty or if the secret bounty wins the event he or she will win the bounty (if they have paid in). A spare pack of cards will be used to determine the secret bounty. E.g. 18 players. 18 cards are held by the TD at the start of the night. As players are eliminated they will pick a card. Whoever turns the Ace of spades will be the secret bounty. The money will be paid to the player who knocks the secret bounty out. If the ace of spades is drawn but winning player hasn't taken part in the SB: the ace of spaces will return to the pack of cards, a different card will be removed from the deck and the bonus will continue.


Some venues may play a bounty chip system. Players purchase a bounty chip for £1 prior to the game commencing. A Player can win a bounty chip by knocking a player from the game and lose their chip by being knocked from the game. Players can only win or lose 1 chip at a time. All a players remaining bounty chips can be cashed in for £1 each when the player is eliminated from the game.


All players are bound by the rules of the MTTP poker league. The rules are a legal requirement of the league and are enforced by MTTP Management and Tournament Directors. A full copy of the rules are available on the Rules page or by email at All decisions made on the night of an event are binding; players do however have the right to confirm a ruling by emailing the above address. Please be advised that TD’s are volunteers who make decisions in the best interest of the game, sometimes these may deviate from the official MTTP rules. Rules may be amended at any time by MTTP.


MTTP and/or its representatives reserve the right to remove players from the event if their behaviour is not in the best interests of the league or the venue. Further sanctions may be imposed by MTTP if the behaviour of the player merits this. In serious cases this could include expulsion from the league.


MTTP offer cash prizes only. We do not believe it is in a player’s best interests to offer unwanted or overvalued equivalents such as holidays that have time restrictions. Prize winners will be paid in cash on the night of the event.


Players who qualify for our regional finals can only win £100 per game they have played in that qualifying period, minus any winnings during those games. I.e. Player plays 10 games and wins a total of £100 during that: 10 games + Regional Final = £1100 – £100 = £1000 total winnings. Any player who exceeds their allowance will have their prize money capped @ the legal payout limit. Players who have qualified for regional finals will be contacted using their selected preference.

  • You cannot transfer regional final seats if you are unable to attend
  • No changes will be made after midnight on the Friday before the regional final unless completely necessary
  • ID may be required at some venues
  • If you are going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances please let a member of the MTTP team know
  • You must register on arrival, if registration is open
  • A £5 buy-in is required from all players taking part
  • Others players cannot pre-register for you
  • MTTPOKER will not be held responsible if you are refused entry to a venue for failure to comply with their rules


Qualification for our national finals is based on points scored at  Regional Finals and qualifying periods throughout the year. There are no restrictions on qualification; it is purely a point’s based system. MTTP would hope that players who qualify would continue to support the league during the year but will not force players to continue playing once they have qualified. Players who have qualified for national finals will be contacted using their selected preference.

  • You cannot transfer national final seats if you are unable to attend
  • You must register on arrival, if registration is open
  • A £10 buy-in is required from all players taking part
  • ID will be required at the casino
  • Casino membership cards must be with player at all times
  • Other players cannot pre-register for you
  • If you are going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances please let a member of the MTTP team know
  • There are no cash alternatives for the Irish Open packages
  • MTTPOKER will not be held responsible if you are refused entry to the Casino for failure to comply with Casino rules
  • Irish Open packages can be transferred but only with the approval of MTTPoker Management and only to a fellow MTTPoker member


Players winning entry to a poker tournament through an MTTP organised event must wear MTTP branded clothing if required to do so. This clothing should be worn for the duration of the tournament and players must agree to take part in any advertising / PR / Publicity associated with the event. 

Throughout our live events such as, but not limited to, regional finals, national finals and regular pub events, we often take photos and videos. They are used on our website and social media to show who has won the event, cashed at the event and keep the league up to date. This may also include live streaming at final tables, such as Facebook. If you do not want to be included in any of these photos or videos then please let a member of the TD or Management know in advance of the event and we will make sure you are not included.


This is the MTTPOKER privacy policy which outlines what and why you need from you for our operation.

We require and use two forms of data:

  1. Player information - This will include but may not be limited to name, address, telephone and email. We use this information to record your points, let you know of qualification for finals and inform you of promotions and events.
  2. Venue information - This will include but may not be limited to address, manager/landlord details, telephone and email. This is used for admin purposes to promote your venue on the website and or social media platforms


  • We require your name, venue name, venue address and venue telephone as well as a valid contact email address for the venue
  • We never pass this information on to any third parties and is only used for the purpose of contact you and promoting the venue online
  • We will keep this data for as long as you are a customer/venue of MTTPOKER. If you decide to leave we will keep this on our system for five more years. During this time we may contact you about offers and promotions from MTTPOKER that are relevant to your business
  • If you wish to remove your data at anytime please contact us


  • To play at any of our venues in the league you will have to have an MTTPOKER membership
  • For a membership you must complete the player registration form either online or at a venue. This includes but not limited to your name, address, telephone and email address. The declaration will be signed and you acknowledge you will not undertake any illegal gambling at venues
  • You will be issued with a membership card with your unique membership number, this will have hank rankings on here to help you at the tables
  • The paper forms are kept with MTTPOKER management, who will scan these for a digital form and kept securely in our database. The paper form will be shredded and destroyed securely.
  • Any information we no longer require will be deleted/shredded securely alongwith the guidelines set out under the GDPR section on our About US Page


  • Your player profile to record scores each week as you play
  • Only your name, scores and money won is shown on the MTTPOKER website
  • Your data will always be historically shown on the website, even if you ceased to be a member with MTTPOKER or stop playing the league
  • If you do not play in 12months we will deactivate your membership meaning you will no longer receive any information from MTTPOKER or your venue with information regarding the league
  • You can choose to remove your details at anytime
  • You can have your details removed from historical data, contact us and we will anonymise this for you
  • We will contact you regarding qualification for regional and national finals and other MTTPOKER events throughout the year
  • We will not sell this data or use it for third party marketing
  • We will contact you about upcoming promotions, monthly newsletters, upcoming news regarding the league and any of our affiliated should we have any at that current time


MTTP have no affiliates. We aim to support and sponsor our own players at events by representing us as a brand.


Players must act in the best interest of the MTTP poker league at all times. Any player found to be canvassing MTTP venues or players for another poker league will forfeit his/her membership of the league. All players must be aged 18 and over.


MTTP will use the player’s forum and Facebook platforms to inform players of changes to the league where possible. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure they check the website for amendments to the Rules and T&C's. All recent changes will be denoted by an asterisk and all updates will be dated. MTTP reserve the right to amend the league Rules and T&C's at any time.

Last amended 20th February 2019